Student Visa


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Every Country issues student visas in order to allow students from foreign countries to study within their boundaries. In most of the cases students have to enroll for a post-secondary institutions for higher learning. Thus foreign students have to obtain different type of visa, a kind of temporary residence.

A specific endorsement issued by governments is added to the passports of the students who are enrolled at qualified educational schools- colleges. Student visa is a non immigrant visa that doesn’t require the holder to apply for citizenship. Any student interested for seeking a higher education from another country must have to apply for a student visa for that specific country.

At Deep Overseas we help students to secure a place in the top qualified universities around the globe. We are having tie-ups with institutions in most of the countries in Europe and in USA, Canada , Australia , New Zealand and many more.

We also help all prospective students with all the required knowledge and paperwork needed to apply for visas and obtaining admissions in institutes – along with that we also help them in getting scholarship if they qualify.

We also help out student in all possible manner – from student loans- admissions to visa process and everything in between. We also help in providing job placements or internship also – if required.

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